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218 Glenrowan Rd. Scotsdale. Western Australia, 6333.

A naturally brewed vinegar, matured to develop "the mother" using only the naturally occuring yeasts from the skins of our orchard apples. Our Windfall Real Cider Apples provide a fruity vinegar that tastes great to drink, and is excellent for use as salad dressing.

WINDFALL Apple Cider Vinegar (With "The Mother") 750 ml x 6

SKU: 17017
  • Our early ripening apples are collected, lightly washed in rainwater and then crushed and mixed with rainwater and raw sugar. After a fully natural yeast ferment for two months we strain the crushed apple and start to aerate the brew to convert the alcohol to vinegar. This process takes around 9 months, and during this time the mother develops, giving the vinegar all of it's famed remedial properties.  Very popular for a morning tipple and great on salads.

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