The Australian Cider Story


The earlier colonies (like America) had attracted farmers, and with those farmers came a rich tradition of apple heritage. 

By the time the Australian colonists arrived, the cider apple orchards of Europe were mostly abandoned and in disrepair as people moved into cities.


In these overcrowded cities beer and gin were the drinks of choice, as these were much easier to produce. Cider had become unpopular, and it is no surprise that the colonists made their first beer from Native Hops, and that the growing of beer making crops became a priority.

The tradition of Cider that exists in North America and Europe simply never arrived.

Australian Style Cider

The majority of Australian Cidery Drink is made using Eating Apple Concentrate from China or the Grade II or juicing eating apples that cannot be sold in the supermarket.


These apples are grown for their colour, their long shelf life, and their resistance to bruising. The manufacture of cider from these apples provides a useful supplementary income for eating apple growers.

Most of these Ciders start life as juice which is sterilised to remove any natural yeasts. A fast fermenting yeast is then added to produce the maximum alcohol in the shortest possible time. In a few days, when the ferment is over, the acidic and flavourless drink is once more sterilised, filtered and then cut with sterilised apple juice to add sweet apple flavour. Finally the drink is carbonated and bottled.