Our goal was simple:


To share the wonderful variety and quality of Natural & Traditional European Style Cider with the Australian public.


The simple goal was not so easy when we found out that there were no commercially available Cider Apples in Western Australia. It never crossed our minds to make cider out of eating apples as we though nobody would drink it..... so instead we decided that to make a Real Cider we had to grow our own apple trees.


In 2006 we purchased Lot 16 on Glenrowan Road from the Wood family. The Wood's had established the iconic "Puzzle Shop" and "Jazzi Ugg Boots" and pioneered the first wine grape vines into the Denmark area, so a great choice for a place to establish the first Cider Apple orchards in Western Australia. 

Finding the apples was not so easy. Western Australia's very strict quarantine rules in 2007 were much tougher than today and apple varieties were very limited. Luckily the apple specialists at the Government Research Centre in Manjimup saved the day, and provided us with the buds for 4000 baby cider apple trees in 2007 and a further 2500 baby trees in 2008. In addition we brought another 650 budded baby trees from Gove research in Tasmania, that were placed in quarantine in Perth in 2008.

Our grafted baby trees sprouted into the small trees that we planted out in mid 2008 and 2009, with the quarantined trees released and planted late in 2009.

Nobody could tell us how these trees would fare in Western Australia, and it has a painful process discovering the weaknesses, the pests, and the diseases that we have encountered over the  years. (Most of our serious pests have been two legged).

In 2013 we had our first harvest, and in partnership with Harewood Estate continue to deliver premium ciders to market.


Each year of production delivers new and wonderful variations.

In 2016 we branched out into production of Apple Cider Vinegar taking advantage of by-products of the orcharding and cider making process.

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